UPVC Casement windows

UPVC Casement windows

True Frame uPVC Casement Windows are an artistic blend of design aesthetics and functionality. These window systems can be customized to accommodate larger glass panels to suit individual preferences and are available in a range of coloured and wood textured finishes.

Application Areas
Ideally suited for external windows in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens facing noisy streets and intersections.

Windows Features

  • Fusion Welded Joints
    Provides additional strength compared to conventional screws and glue methodology.
  • Glazing Systems
    Available in single, double and triple glazing options, provides an air tight seal between space bars with desiccants to absorb moisture.
  • Aesthetic Profiles
    Window and Door profiles can be painted in a myriad of shades or laminated with textured wood finishes or plain shades.
  • Drain Holes
    Prevents rainwater seepage by channeling water out through the drainage chambers located in the window frame through the drain holes.
  • Multi Chambered Sections
    Multi chambered sections with wall thickness of 2.3mm to 2.5mm provide greater impact resistance strength and durability.
  • EPDM Weather Black Beading
    Ensures air tight sealing to reduce sound, heat and rainwater seepage.
  • Multi Point Locking
    Multiple locks located at different points on the frame prevents water seepage, sound and thermal insulation and provides additional security.
  • Steel Reinforcements
    100 % Corrosion free 1.5mm thick, 125 GSM hot dip galvanized steel reinforcements provide additional strength and durability.
  • Friction Stay
    Non- corrosive SS 304 Grade steel window stays between sash and outer frame enables window opening to be
    adjusted according to preference.

Customized Design


Maintains Indoor Air Quality


All Weather Resistance


Easy Maintenance


Cost Efficient


Ultra Violet Resistance


Termite Proof



    One of the biggest advantages of these stylish and contemporary casement windows is that they are highly energy-efficient. At Fenesta, these windows are designed with three energy-saving features which, in turn, helps reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home.


    If you are planning to buy casement windows online, sound insulation is yet another benefit that you will get. These windows, when closed, block external sounds and disturbances that help in creating a relaxing and noise-free environment for you. At Fenesta, you can get these uPVC casement windows at the best price.


    Whether you opt for a uPVC mock sash casement window or a normal one, you don’t have to worry about its upkeep as they are very easy to maintain. As far as dark-coloured casement windows like black and brown ones are concerned, you don’t face issues like discolouration.


Parameters Neeladhri TrueFrames Benefits To Customers
Profile Wall Thickness 2.5mm provides strength ensuring geometry and shape
Reinforcement 2.5 mm GI (0.8 micron) improves strength of the system with wind pressure and avoids rattiling sound
Glass Thickness 4mm-32mm increase security , strength and noise reduction
Sound Insulation upto 40db avoids noise reduction upto 80% with normal glass
Drain Slots available efficency water seepage
Profile Outer Frame Width 50-62mm increase stability to the system
Gasket EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) gives dustproof , air tightness increasing in good sound insulation and water resistance
alluminium guide rail NA ensures smooth movement of sliding systems
Basic Colour white glossy white with tropical mixture ensuring in non degradation of colour due to high temperature and gives maximum efficency
Laminated Walnut, Mahagony, Shadow black, Golden oak Laminates of german quality ensuring longer durability and asthetic look
warranty 20 years for profile and warranty for degradation of colour due to natural causes with 5 years of hardware Ensuring customer satisfaction
test certificate bsi. uk, SKZ Germany,SGS,ASTM,SGS,CPET, ISO 9001 – 2015
Minimum sill to be maintained for installation 100mm ensuring in quality installation of the system
Sash heigth 75 mm more strength and less rattling of the system’

uPVC Laminates – Wood and Coloured Finish

The True Frame profiles are available in an amazing range of wood finish and contemporary colour laminates to suit individual preferences. State of the art European hot melt lamination technology is used to fuse the laminates to the profiles with high performance PUR based adhesives to ensure greater weather resistance.
    • Extreme weather resistance
    • Crack resistance
    • Colour stability
    • Gloss retention
    • Easy maintenance
    • Environment-friendly (Imported PUR base Adhesive)
Eiche Dunkel FL F1 - Dark Oak FL F1
Dark Oak

Most prominent Designs

Casement Window-Left Fixed

Casement Window-Top Fixed

Casement Window-Right Fixed

Casement Window-center Fixed

Casement Window-3 shutters

Casement Window-4 shutters

Casement Window-2 shutters

Casement white-2 shutters

Casemet Widow Doule Fixed

Casemet Widow Doule Fixed

Casement Window Botton Fixed

Casement Window-bottom fixed

Casement white-right fixed

Casement Window Outword Opening

Casement Window Inword Opening

Casement Window Inword Opening

Color Designs Samples

Casement Window-Top Fixed

Casement Window-Top Fixed