Types of uPVC Windows and Its Advantage Over Normal Windows

Neeladri True Frames offers elegant uPVC windows and doors in Bangalore with incredible features. We provide stylish, weather-resistant, and easy maintenance uPVC windows & doors in Bangalore.

Types Of uPVC Windows and Doors :

  1. Sliding uPVC Windows
  2. Fixed uPVC Windows
  3. Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows
  4. Casement uPVC Windows
  5. Top-Hung uPVC Windows
  6. Ventilators
  7. French uPVC Windows 
  1. Sliding uPVC Windows: They don’t need much maintenance thus, saving on your time and money. It can give a better level of security as compared to traditional wooden windows. These are far cheaper than wooden and aluminium windows. 
  1. Fixed uPVC Windows: These windows are the strongest and the most long-lasting, compared to other types. They need low maintenance and are eco-friendly and recyclable. These windows are corrosion-proof and provide great insulation.
  1. Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows: Tilt and turn windows generally have better air-seals than sliding, single-hung or double-hung window frames. This means they are less prone to water leakage, cold draughts and you’ll keep more of your heating indoors where it belongs.
  1. Casement uPVC Windows: They are easy to open and close because they use single-lever latches or cycle latches, so they become very easy and simple to open and shut. They have excellent ventilation and a variety of design features.
  1. Top-Hung uPVC Windows: These windows are extremely energy efficient and combine both design elegance and durability. These window systems can be hinged either on the top or sides and ensure living spaces are insulated both during summer and winter.
  1. Ventilators: uPVC Ventilators can be operated both inwards and outwards with the support of hinges fixed on the ventilator frames. The usage of modernized high-quality sashes in the ventilator hardware enables smooth and easy functioning.
  1. French uPVC Windows: These are stylish models that add character while giving you superb functionality and lots of natural daylight, alongside high levels of security and durability.

Our wide range of uPVC Windows & Doors is Globally certified by BSI – UK and SKZ – Germany. We provide customized uPVC Windows and Doors which are suitable for both commercial & residential spaces. A minimum of 100 windows is manufactured every day at Neelaadri True Frames.

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