UPVC Fixed Windows

UPVC Fixed Windows

Neelaadri True Frames uPVC Fixed Windows in Bangalore

uPVC Fixed Windows in Bangalore systems are ideally designed to provide an unhindered view of the outdoors. These windows are fixed and stationary in nature and can be paired with other window systems to enhance the look and feel of both residences and commercial spaces.
Application Areas
Ideally suited for inner applications in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, balconies and patios in apartments, villas, row houses, farmhouses and commercial spaces.

How and why of Fixed Windows

With the best available quality, careful sealing makes sure that water does not collect in the tracks with the onslaught of rain or when the windows are being washed to maintain the shine. The frames do not run the risk of sagging since they are meticulously drilled into place and sealed tightly, making them withstand and endure even in the face of harsh weather conditions.

UPVC Fixed windows in Bangalore

Fixed windows are the type of UPVC windows that can be opened inwards /outwards with the help of hinges fixed on a frame. Our uPVC Fixed windows have sashes which come up with an updated modern twist and is built with the top quality Fixed hardware in order to make them very much easy to operate and last much longer and it can even be configured for opening inside and outside. The UPVC Fixed windows are suitable for different places where one might want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the outdoors.

Benefits of Fixed Windows in Bangalore

  • Standard and EnergyPlus range available and acts as a fire escape
  • Aesthetically pleasant in all regards and range of moods
  • French windows give you 100% opening to your window space.
  • Internal or external Beadings available in sculptured or chamfered frames
  • Double benefit of enjoying the view of the outside world along with the comfort of your clean and well lit room.
  • Highly recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, air-conditioned bedrooms and living rooms.
  • It consists of internal glazing options that ranges from some dimensions
  • Perfect for hallways, landings and large living areas that have beautiful natural surroundings, uPVC as a material spells resistance to tough weather conditions providing high durability


Parameters Neeladhri TrueFrames Benefits To Customers
Profile Wall Thickness 2.5mm provides strength ensuring geometry and shape
Reinforcement 2.5 mm GI (0.8 micron) improves strength of the system with wind pressure and avoids rattiling sound
Glass Thickness 4mm-32mm increase security , strength and noise reduction
Sound Insulation upto 40db avoids noise reduction upto 80% with normal glass
Drain Slots available efficency water seepage
Profile Outer Frame Width 50-62mm increase stability to the system
Gasket EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) gives dustproof , air tightness increasing in good sound insulation and water resistance
alluminium guide rail NA ensures smooth movement of sliding systems
Basic Colour white glossy white with tropical mixture ensuring in non degradation of colour due to high temperature and gives maximum efficency
Laminated Walnut, Mahagony, Shadow black, Golden oak Laminates of german quality ensuring longer durability and asthetic look
warranty 20 years for profile and warranty for degradation of colour due to natural causes with 5 years of hardware Ensuring customer satisfaction
test certificate bsi. uk, SKZ Germany,SGS,ASTM,SGS,CPET, ISO 9001 – 2015
Minimum sill to be maintained for installation 100mm ensuring in quality installation of the system
Sash heigth 75 mm more strength and less rattling of the system’

uPVC Laminates – Wood and Coloured Finish

The True Frame profiles are available in an amazing range of wood finish and contemporary colour laminates to suit individual preferences. State of the art European hot melt lamination technology is used to fuse the laminates to the profiles with high performance PUR based adhesives to ensure greater weather resistance.
    • Extreme weather resistance
    • Crack resistance
    • Colour stability
    • Gloss retention
    • Easy maintenance
    • Environment-friendly (Imported PUR base Adhesive)
Eiche Dunkel FL F1 - Dark Oak FL F1
Dark Oak

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